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Creating An Image Logger Account


First, you can go to


Fill out the form, shown above, and you will be shown a "Welcome to Roadway!" screen.


At the bottom of the screen you can click the "GO TO LOGIN" button and use the username and password you created on the previous page to login.



In order to finalize your account creation, please read over and accept the terms of service prompt and you will then be brought to your dashboard.


Where you will see a welcome screen with a video showing you how to properly complete the data collection based upon simple guidelines to ensure quality image processing.

The "Download RoadSense" button, when clicked, will email you instructions on how and where to download the device appropriate RoadSense application for Data Collection.


The main dashboard defaults to the grid type layout as seen above.

You will find two different Demo's where you can select the "Assessments" drop-down to proceed to the given assessment.


You can remove the top yellow banner by clicking the X in the top right of the screen.


Above is what the assessment will look like in the Data Image Logger Demo.

There are several tools in the bottom right that can do everything from taking screenshots to the calculating of an area on the satellite layer.


You also have the ability to switch between four different layer types to better suit your desired visual aesthetic.

On the left side of the screen, you are able to switch between different data sets broken out by times of data collection.


When you select a point, a windowpane will pop-in on the right providing location information as well as a few other buttons.

These buttons will allow you to walk through the street by clicking the play button or to manually go to the next/previous points.

You also will find the ability to expand the image for a larger view or to open it the image in full screen in a new tab.

In the upper right, you can select your name and it will provide you with a drop-down menu, you can click to go to the Administration page.


You will have access to look at Embedded Maps which is also a newer part of our RoadWay product suite!


By clicking "EMBEDDED MAPS" at the top middle of your screen gives you the ability to select Data Image Logger Demo or Image Logger Sidewalk Demo from the left.

Once you have made your selection you can click the < > icon to the right and it will give you a pop-up like below.

14.png You have the ability to click a point and walk through them similar to the dashboard view.


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