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How to Collect Road Data


002_First_Five_Free_Collection_Training.jpgBare Essentials

Recommended smartphone device/s to use for data collection are as follows:

You are welcome to use devices outside of those recommended above, but please keep in mind that extensive testing has not yet been completed outside of those.

If you are to use another device, the following minimum operating systems are required to use the RoadSense application.

  • iOS devices with a minimum of iOS 11
  • Android devices with minimum Android 9


This article explains where to find the application



When you are adjusting the window mount, be sure to not include too much of the hood in the view as much as possible. Try to have just a small sliver showing at the bottom of the screen. This helps to maximize the amount of road visible for processing down the line.

Also, make sure you know How To Properly Use A Clip-On Polarizer


Before you fully start your data collection effort, please ensure that you understand the quality guidelines outlined in the slides below.




This range is ideal because it is the most likely timing to keeping the sun out of the view of your data collection device. We have seen that this can vary depending on your geographic location but this is the 'safe zone' to help ensure quality data.010_First_Five_Free_Collection_Training.jpg

As you can see in the picture within the slide, the data collection device is very close to the windshield and could end up focusing on the small dirt particles, smears, etc... when collecting which would, of course, be non-ideal. Try and keep your windshield as clean, inside and out, during your collection efforts!



The goal is always to have as much of the road in view at all times, maintaining your distance from other vehicles maintains this. 


This may seem like a no brainer, but please do not go beyond the posted speed limit. When possible driving below the speed limit is desired, always as safe as possible, while maintaining a consistent acceleration and deceleration. 

The way we like to think about it; Imagine you were a limo driver, driving around a VIP, you would be light and consistent on your decelerations and accelerations as well as your handling of all curves and turns through the drive as well. This helps ensure consistency in your data collection and reduces the possibilities of blurring, etc... 


Starting the recordings should be pretty straight forward.

When you stop your recording you will have the option to save or delete. Click save and it will save the file so you can upload the data later on.


Once you are back at your location where you will upload, make sure you have a stable internet connection, and go back to the RoadSense home screen where, when you scroll down, you will have the option to select the Project which you just did your data collection.

When you select the Project it will then allow you to click the 'UPLOAD NOW' button and the uploads will be on there way into the cloud for processing!



Updated: June 15, 2020

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