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Working With Segments & Points


Once inside the map screen of an assessment, there are several ways to organize and explore the data shown.

  • Use your mouse to click and drag the map.
  • Zoom in and out with your mouse wheel, or with pinch gestures on a mouse touchpad, or using the + and - signs in the top left corner of the map.

The default view will show a toolbar on the left showing (from the top down), the name of your project, your network score, your project’s centerline mileage, a link to your road report analysis, and an address search bar.

Next is a section named “Segments.”

In the Segments section, you have the option to toggle on/off any or all road segments based on their rating.

Click the circle under “All” to toggle all segments off.


Next is a section named “Points.”

In the Points section, you have the option to toggle on/off any or all points based on their rating. 


Now you can choose to show only segments and/or points with the ratings that you are interested in.

Try clicking the circle under the number “4” in the Segment section.

This will show you only the segments with an overall rating of 4.


Try adding Points with ratings 2 and 3.


Now try adding All points and All segments.


At any time you may select any individual Point or individual Segment for more information.

Try clicking on a Point.

A window will expand from the right of your screen to show you the road’s rating at that point, the nearest address, its geolocation coordinates, the time and date of the image, and the direction of travel.


The window on the right has several dynamic features:


  • You may click the magnifying glass in the top left of the photo to Enlarge Photo.
  • You may click the box/arrow button top right to open an even larger version of the image in a new tab.
  • You may click the “< PREV” or “NEXT >” buttons to navigate to the next image point on the segment. 
  • You may click the play button and let RoadWay scroll through the images for you automatically.


In order to collapse the point window, you may click the tab near the top of the window marked “>”.


In order to bring your toolbar back to the left side of your screen, you may click on the “hamburger menu” (three horizontal lines) in the top left near the RoadBotics logo.

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