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Using Dynamic Segmentation



RoadWay members can use the Dynamic Segmentation tool to determine the total length of road(s) and average road rating of any area on the map by grouping individual segments together. 

For example, this feature allows a user to determine the length and rating for the entirety of a road that is divided into segments.

Click on the Dynamic Segmentation icon in the toolbar to choose between two options: 


When you click the icon you will have two options:

  • Click and Drag (Allows you to select multiple segments at once)
  • Select (For selecting one segment at a time)


In both cases, the dynamic segmentation tool will calculate the total length and the average ratings of the selected segments. 


This enables users to determine the average ratings of any given segment on their map. 

Longer roads that are divided into many segments can now be grouped together and calculate aggregate ratings.

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