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How Do I Change Map Layers In Roadway?


You can change the base map layer to show a variety of different manmade and geographical features.

In the bottom left corner of the map, you will see five icons from left to right.


The first icon toggles the other tool icons on/off. The next four change the base map.

The map base options are: 

  • Dark Map - a dark background. Easy on the eyes.
  • Light Map - a white map background. The colored points and segments can sometimes be harder to read on the Light Map than on the Dark Map.
  • Satellite Map - a satellite view of your map. This can help you identify structural and geographic points of reference. 
  • Topographic Map - a digital map showing the topography of the region.

Experiment with clicking on each of these icons and use whichever map layer works best for you.




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