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How Do I Use The Area Tool?



To use the tool, with the satellite imagery on, zoom in to the area that you’d like to measure, then select the Area tool.


Left-click to start drawing the polygon area, the easiest thing to do is to drop points at corners, or frequently enough to create the shape you want to follow (see above baseball outfield image).

Once you’ve finished drawing, click a second time on the last vertex point you placed, and it will finish the polygon.

The polygon is still selected though (showing points, dashed lines, and shaded in in cyan).

Click again, and it will unselect the polygon, leaving it visible with solid lines, and shaded in light blue.


On the area GUI, you can see the area of the polygon and the units.

Click on the units to change them to square footage, square yardage, square mileage, or even the acreage of the given area.

The polygon and Area GUI will stay up until you clear or close out of the GUI.

This tool is particularly useful for measuring the area of intersection aprons, cul-de-sacs, or plots of land.

For any sized project - do more work and spend less time in the field.

For more extensive road repairs, you can measure the area of all roads slated for restoration and use the measurements to calculate approximate costs associated with your pavement plan.

This will empower you to make informed decisions on how to best allocate road maintenance funds.

You could measure the area of a playground that needs to be re-mulched, a baseball field that needs to be re-sodded, or a tennis court that needs resurfacing.

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