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How To Access All Assessments From A Single Login


Enterprise Partners can now easily access all projects and project scans from a single account, using the Dashboard page. 

Partner admins can also easily manage user accounts from the Administration page. 

We wrote an article on this part over at this link.

User role classifications include ‘Admin’, ‘Member’, and ‘Viewer’.

All levels of permission allow users to interact on the platform, however, ‘Members’ and ‘Viewers’ have limited access to the network data analysis.

Partners may want certain users to only be Members that can interact on the platform but not have administrative control. 

Other users may require a Viewer status that limits their access to RoadWay as a view-only member. 

To access all projects/scans, left-click on your Name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Click on Dashboard.


This takes you to the Dashboard, where all of the projects are visible at once.

There are two ways to view the Dashboard - List View and Grid View, and you can toggle between these two easily using the buttons on the upper right.


The List View will show all of the assessments.




 As of 04/20/2020

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