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View Full Network Analysis


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Users can now easily access all Projects and Analysis from initial login as you will see everything in a Grid View.


- List View

To toggle between the views you will see the icons in the picture towards the top-right.

Select the List View button.

If you are a Partner you will need to utilize the column on the left-hand side expands by clicking the right arrow triangle icon.


As this menu expands you will be able to find all of the assessments completed through your End-Customer's.


Select one of your End-Customers accounts for the left and it will load a new page with a table view list all or their assessments.

- List View Table


Zoomed in a little bit:


 To view the analysis for a given assessment, click the icon that resembles a Bar Graph. 

Network Analysis


Within your Road Report (Network) Analysis you will notice a variety of classifications that make up the entire network.

The first section of this report notates the overall Road Network Score which is an average of all ratings. 


To the right, you will see all of the segments summarized in a table form represented as the classifications. You can change the view to show 5, 10 or 20 rows of data by clicking the down arrow (▾) to select the desired option.

All of the Classifications listed in the Road Report (Network) Analysis will have their own visual display below the main box.


Each of these sections will denote the Average Score for all of the segments with the given classification. 

Below the Average Score, is a bar chart showing the breakdown of those segments by their corresponding ratings. 

To the right of those is a table for specific street names, their lengths, and the overall rating. (score)


- Grid View

Depending on the amount of End-Customers you are currently working with, it may be more fitting to change to the grid view which will list four columns wide all those accounts.


In order to get to the Road Report (Network) Analysis within the grid view, you will click the button labeled Summary and it will open up a drop-down menu where you will select the desired assessment.

- Analysis Drop-down


Select the assessment and it will bring you to the Road Report (Network) Analysis page for it.




 As of 04/20/2020

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