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Product Update: Improved Functionality



RoadBotics’ Product Team is always looking for ways to improve the RoadWay platform.

By listening to our customers’ suggestions, we strive to deliver tools that improve functionality and overall user experience.

This month, we released significant updates that allow users to more easily navigate their road assessments.

Just in time for next year’s pavement planning!


Assessment Switcher

A benefit of yearly assessments is being able to compare road conditions year over year.
For customers with multiple road assessments, switching between assessments is now easier than ever.
Click the conveniently positioned drop-down menu inside the left drawer to see how roads are doing since the last assessment.

Directional Bearing


For the first time, the user is able to easily decipher the directional bearing of the photo.
Both the icon on the map as well as the directional indicator under the image allows the user to see the direction the vehicle traveled when capturing the road imagery.

Map Centering


When activating the point or segment data, the map will recenter and zoom around the selected point or segment, removing the tedious task of manually recentering the map after every click.

New Chart for the Segment Data


When clicking on a segment, the user no longer sees the large donut chart.
Instead, users find a simple bar chart that concisely splits the average ratings within that particular segment.
The chart also appears in a drawer on the right side of the screen instead of a window over the map.
This frees up more space for additional information like the ability to see the point level images. 

Enhanced Usability for Point Level Images


The point level imagery is now visible in a side drawer.
The drawer features larger rating numbers and a colored bar with the corresponding rating color.
The user will clearly see a strong visual cue for each ten-foot section of the road.
The image can also be enlarged by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top left corner of the image.
It can be opened in a new tab by clicking the icon on the top right corner of the image.

Under each image, users will see the following relevant data:

  • An accurate address
  • The exact geo-coordinates 
  • The date when the image was captured
  • The directional bearing of the vehicle 



Virtual Driver


Perhaps the most exciting enhancement to the platform is the ability to easily advance from one image to the next.

The user is in the driver’s seat of a virtual tour through their road network.

As the virtual driver, the user can tap the arrow keys or click the “next” or ”previous” buttons to seamlessly move through their image library.

With the inclusion of a play button, the user can quickly evaluate the condition of any stretch of road with one simple click. 

Want to show off all the paving work from last summer? Good idea! 

Toggle on the green roads and take your council on a grand tour. 

Only want to browse the orange and red images? No problem. 

Toggle on the worst rated roads and just click through the trouble spots of a road segment. 




Let us know what you think!


Prioritizing next season’s pavement planning just got a lot simpler. 

We’d love to hear what you think about these updates. 

Good luck and happy planning! 

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