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How Do I Measure Distance?


Distance Measurement Tool

In addition to the area tool, we have included the distance tool.

With the distance tool, you can efficiently resolve right-of-way issues without leaving your desk.

Measure how far a gas well is to a school or a home, or the distance of a football field (pictured above).

Most importantly, this tool will quickly measure the width and length of a road segment, which will make tedious tasks easy.


When you’re inside the map window of your chosen project you will notice a number of circular icons along the left side of your map.


Hover over the ruler icon (fourth from the top). The word “Distance” will appear next to it. 

  • Click the Distance icon.
  • This will activate a small window showing distance in your chosen units (imperial or metric).
  • Your mouse cursor should now look like crosshairs instead of a hand.
  • You can still click and drag and zoom in and out as before.
  • Find the starting point of the distance you would like to measure. Click here to place your starting point.
  • Click another spot on the map. The distance window will show you the distance between the two points.
  • To measure around corners or in zig zags simply keep clicking to add more points. The distance tool will automatically show the sum of the accumulated distance.

To reset the tool to zero, click the “Clear” button inside the distance tool window.

To leave the distance tool you may click garbage can icon, or simply click on another tool icon to begin using that tool instead.

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